The Dambusters from Fowlmere

A video diary of four friends who flew to Germany and retraced the flight of 617 Squadron on the night of
May 16th 1943
Two years in the talking about it. Six months in the planning of it.
Three days in the execution of it. The aircraft we used was a Piper Archer III, G-BZHK supplied from the hire fleet of Modern Air at Fowlmere.

These are clips from the DVD video diary of Clive Swift, Nick Kruger, Fraser Stock and David Kerr. Four friends who between 1st & 3rd July 2004 flew out from Fowlmere Airfield in Cambridgeshire and retraced the the flight made by the real Dambusters from 617 Squadron on the night of May 16th 1943.
The outbound journey from UK to Germany took 2 3/4 hours and the return trip 3 3/4 hours due to strong head winds. The flight to find the Dams and film them took 50 minutes. The airfields we visited on route were Meschede-Schuren which was one of the glider airfields established prior to WW2, & Arnsberg-Menden in the Sauerland, Germany.
Part1 “The Mission Begins” Fowlmere to the dams with a stop on route for refuelling, where we over flew all 3 within 1 hour. The Mohne & Sorpe are reasonably close together and can both be seen at the same time from 1000 feet. The Eder is about 65 miles south east of the other two and required a separate leg to reach it.
Part2 was shot after we had filmed the dams and shows some of the beautiful scenery between the Eder and Meschede and set to the music Dark Island by Phil Coulter is my favourite piece of the whole film, the TV mast sliding down the starboard wingtip, the sun reflecting of the water below the Eder dam. Very serene. Then the flight from Meschede to Arnsberg flying through a very wet squall and over flying the Platteheide area of Menden on route.
Part3 is the run for home and return to base. Head winds and squalls all the way a slow return but with safe landing at Fowlmere, some on route footage final credits, acknowledgements and dedication.

We had fun. See what you think.


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